Marble Surface


Myosotis is the name of the flower shop that Roxy's grandfather opened in 1953 and is still being run by her family today. ​The more common name for Myosotis flowers is 'forget me not', which represents not only remembrance, but also hope and love. 


From the moment she got her first camera, aged 11, Roxy was hooked. She loved to go for walks around her home in The Netherlands, capturing the beauty of everyday life. But she never (ever!) thought that she’d be running her own filmmaking and photography business.

"Simplicity, compassion, patience.

These three are your greatest treasures."

- Lao Tzu, philosopher and writer 

In fact, as a young girl, Roxy dreamed of becoming a teacher! She had her educational journey all mapped out when, in her final year of primary school, she failed a maths test - which crushed her hopes and dreams. A fear of maths had taken hold of her, and she started to doubt herself, forming many limiting beliefs that would resurface in her mid-20s. But for now, she was determined not to give up. 

Fastforward through six years of high school and, with the help of some brilliant teachers and tutors, Roxy passed all her exams - even mathematics! In these formative teenage years, Roxy's dream of teaching had made way for one of art and creativity. She went on to study Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and explored gender studies and psychoanalysis, ethnomusicology and media history - documentary filmmaking became the best vehicle to bring all this together. So Roxy packed her bags and went to Bradford, England, to begin her masters in Digital Filmmaking.

Living in the world’s first UNESCO City Of Film was so exciting, there was much left to explore even after graduation. Roxy joined an independent cinema as their marketing manager, volunteered to train as a local accessibility champion, and later became a visual content creator in further & higher education. Telling the remarkable and hugely inspiring stories of young students on a daily basis reignited Roxy’s activist ambitions. What if she could use her skills to provide agency to marginalised people and help them tell their own stories?

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept."

- Angela Davis, activist and writer

So she left her corporate job and started working on what eventually would become Myosotis Film & Photography. Roxy worked with a coach to shift her mindset from self-doubt to self-confidence and moved from the North of England to the Midlands and then the South. Now settled in Brighton, Roxy is surrounded by changemakers who inspire her mission to use storytelling as a force for change. (And Brighton offers the most amazing photography walks!)