Storytelling is our biggest passion and we love - really love - to talk about it.  


(Re)writing and owning your story can change the way you talk to yourself, how you show up as a leader in your business and community, and help you to attract your people. 

Get yourself a storytelling framework for life by booking a workshop or asking Roxy to speak at your event!

"This whole process is really encouraging. We ARE all unique!"
- Clare Griffiths, The Thrive Effect

BUILD YOUR OWN CAREER                   from £200
for students, recent graduates, and aspiring entrepreneurs

"I never had to tell my story before [and] I didn't think anyone would care to hear it.


But Roxy encouraged and empowered me to share my story. And receiving positive feedback has given me more confidence and agency."

- Matt, beepurple at University of Brighton

Did you know that storytelling can help you figure our your career path?

The process of Public Narrative, as taught by Marshall Gantz, is all about understanding your story, your place in the community, and why now is the time to act.

In this workshop, Roxy will first share her own Public Narrative - an honest account of growing up with little self-belief, the mental health implications of struggling with your identity, and the power of forging your own path - and then deconstruct it with the audience to expose the building blocks of this storytelling framework and coaching participants as they create their stories of Self, Us, and Now.

BUSINESS STORYTELLING                    from £350
for purpose-driven freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners

"As a learning architect, I can't say how much I enjoyed being on the other side of learning.


The storytelling workshop was a great way to refine my brand and develop a marketing strategy."

- Carolyn Baguma,

Amulinde Consultancy

Inspired by Muse Storytelling, this creative workshop will teach you how to find, build, and share stories within and about your business to support your communication, marketing, and leadership strategies.

With Roxy as your guide, this interactive session starts with the science behind storytelling and how the human brain is wired for stories.

Through a series of thought-provoking questions, you'll then uncover the purpose, people, plot structure, and place setting of your story for maximum engagement and emotional connection.

You'll come away with empowered ownership over your story, your Why, and your brand identity as well as a draft of your written origin, impact, or teaching story.