From founder portraits to impact stories and live events, enjoy this collection of stories from theatre maker Emma Kelly, social change campaign Prisons Week as well as charity campaigns by Jeans For Refugees and climate activists Possible. 

"A fantastic edit of my origin story! My main challenge was knowing my brand and feeling confident on camera. You empowered me to fully see myself as a writer and enouraged me to be brave. I had so much fun collaborating with you! Thanks for being so supportive!"

Behind-the-scenes of Myosotis Film & Photography, clockwise: filming at the Caroline of Brunswick with Emma Kelly; filming gimbal footage in Hove Park with Emma Kelly; getting b-roll for Louise Harman while being filmed by Laurie Garnons Williams; behind-the-scenes with the Prisons Week 2022 team at Spread Creative; editing a brand video from the office at Projects the Lanes.

"Thank you so much for this gem! Your edit for our online Together Is Better festival is an incredible blend of art, music, and meaning. We are beyond grateful for all the talents who came together for this cause."

Kashi Money, Jeans For Refugees by Johny Dar