A true 'pinch me' moment: meeting Nobel Peace Prize-nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy and capturing the launch of her book and online course 'The Mighty Heart In Action' at the Frontline Club in London - all in partnership with design agency Spread Creative.

If anyone understands empathetic conflict resolution, it's Dr. Elworthy. And now all of her experience, wisdom, and lessons learned are being used to support community and business leaders with communication, cooperation, and connection.

"We're all thrilled with the video. You have captured the energy of the event, the essential and inspiring information about the Mighty Heart and Scilla so beautifully. You understand us."

Behind-the-scenes photography by Louise Erskine (@beautifully_defected)

"This video is just terrific! You have brilliantly solved the problem of having different speakers with different accents and different recording qualities. It gives a feeling of a vibrant, animated start to a new way of doing peace."

Dr. Scilla Elworthy