You may have guessed by now, but storytelling is my biggest passion.
I love - really love - to talk about the power of personal brand stories. 

​My favourite topics include:

- Finding connection through stories
- Mindset and re-writing your inner stories
- Life as a neurodivergent founder
- My own entrepreneurial journey

On a the first-ever panel of the Connection Hub with Michelle Allen, Matthew Bellringer, founder Mark Blake, and Atif Choudhury


University of Brighton (various events)
“It was so powerful, the way you told your story, and I absolutely loved it."
"Your talk helped me to think about the career I want for myself."
"Many students came up to me afterwards to say how much your story resonated with them."

Business and IP Centre Sussex launch event
“A captivating and emotional speech. It was superb.”
“I was in awe.”
“I found your talk so moving yet very amusing.”
“Utterly captivating.”

BIPC Start-Up Day 2023 at Jubilee Library
“Fantastic storytelling in a unique style.”
"It was really inspiring to hear how you made the leap from the corporate world to re-focus yourself."
"It was no surprise to hear you can tell a brilliant story!"

The Connection Hub launch event
“Own unique brand of truth-telling, curiosity, and creative thinking."
"The audience soaked up your insights and I'd love to know how many of them created a 'success folder' at your recommendation."


The Sussex Business Show

Join me for a masterclass on Brand Storytelling at the Brighton Dome on 28 September 2023. Together we'll explore what it means to 'own' your origin story as well as how brand storytelling can help you become a better leader in your community.