Woman United's #HearHerRoar campaign celebrates the brave stories of domestic abuse survivors from across the UK, and uses their collective voices to change the stories that keep abusers in power and victims and survivors silent. 

In the summer of 2021, Roxy dedicated 200+ volunteering hours to this small London charity - assisting with storytelling research and workshops, video production, and crowdfunding support.


She is now a regular crew member and sits on Woman United's advisory board!


"Roxy has put her heart, soul, skills, and a  LOT of time into bringing our campaign to life. We absolutely would not be able
to launch Chapter Two without her."

- Stephanie, founder of Woman United


Behind-the-scenes photography by Daria Szotek

"The entire experience was completely magical. I felt justified, validated, as if my story mattered. I will forever be grateful that I was fortunate enough to be a part of something so profound."
- Mel, Chapter Two: London storyteller


Sharing your story - your why - is crucial when building an audience, a following, or a support network.

Roxy worked with Woman United founder Stephanie to share the real, hard, vulnerable truth of why and how she started the charity. 

Ultimately the Crowdfunder campaign would go beyond the £30,000 target.

"The impact it's had on me is going to be life-changing. I now feel seen and heard. I felt loved, I felt like people wanted to hear what I had to say, and the biggest feeling that I've taken away is that I feel safe."
- Lejla, Chapter Two: London storyteller


Funded by the National Lottery, Woman United's workshops help women to turn their story into a powerful speech for change in their community - from petitioning to change the law, to supporting midwives caring for women in abusive relationships, to teaching the general public on how trauma bonding prevents victims from 'just leaving'.

The #HearHerRoar Dream Team was reunited and besides offering storybuilding and emotional support to the participating women, Roxy also filmed and edited the following impact stories (tissues at the ready!).


Take a peek behind the curtain of Woman United's very first Empowered Storytelling Workshop for domestic abuse survivors! These FREE pilot workshops are taking place in London throughout 2022, but will eventually include digital and global in-person session.

Do you feel like you have a powerful story to share and a vision to create real change in your community? Applications are now open!

Woman United particularly encourages applications from disabled women, sex workers, LGBTQIA+ and BAME women.